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I love cooking, creating, designing, sharing, collaborating, adventuring, snapping, learning, writing, moving, eating, talking, and inspiring.


Hello! my name is Ellie, or as most of you may know me, Elsa! (a nickname friends have given me by the way). I am a 23 year old health, lifestyle and recipe blogger from the sunny Gold Coast in Australia. I have been on a journey to live my most wholesome life, and have been sharing this with everyone along the way. I follow a plant based lifestyle as it is better for my health, the environment, and the beautiful creatures of this world.    

I have been studying nutrition and dietetics at an accredited university for four years now, and want to share my passion and knowledge to make being healthy the easier option! 

I create wholesome plant based recipes, photograph all of my content (self taught), and share it via my main platform- Instagram. I am also expanding my blog content to also contain travel photo diaries, lifestyle posts, and nutrition journals. I live by the ocean, love any kind of adventure. Practice regular yoga, and love to run my little heart out every morning.

Eat More Plants
— E.B

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