Welcome to my little journey to a wholesome life

My philosophy: Eat More Plants



About me

My name is Ellie, or as most may know me, Elsa! I am a 25 year old nutritionist and dietitian from Australia. I create wholesome recipes and share images from my life and travels on Instagram. I also love to blog about all things health, travel and lifestyle. Currently I live in Bali, Indonesia, but I am often travelling to new exciting places. My first ever published cookbook is available in Australian stores and online and its now an Australian Bestseller!

My food philosophy

I follow a plant based whole food diet and share colourful healthy food recipes to inspire you all to eat more plants! I believe we all need to eat more from the earth and less from a box. I don't like to label lifestyles as I think everyone is individual and have different needs, however, I strongly believe everyone should try to eat more plants: once a week, day or all the time. Prevention is the best medicine, and a healthy lifestyle is the best investment you can possibly make. 

Nutrition background

I have recently graduated from university with a bachelor (with honours) in Nutrition & Dietetics. This four year degree taught me so much about the human body and its interaction with nutrients. But there is still so much to learn which is exciting! There is also a lot of mis-information about nutrition online, so having this degree allows me to educate others and gives me credibility in such a highly saturated market.