Summer Beauty Routine - Part 1


Hello my beauties!  

As you can probably tell from my Instagram feed this year so far, I am currently chasing summer- quite literally! After finishing univeristy late 2016, I packed up my home and crossed the seas to set up a little home in warm sunny Bali, Indonesia. But rather than residing in Bali I've been using it as my warm tropical base between frequent trips to other new idyllic locations. So far I've visited the Phillipines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Tahiti, Paris, Portugal, Italy, Turkey and Greece.


All of which have been in the summer season. So it's safe to say that my beauty routine has changed up a little bit! I wanted to do a quick post to talk about my beauty routine, I'm going to break this down into two parts! In Part 1 I will discuss my hair routine (you can probably tell from my IG account, my blonde locks feature regularly! and I get lots of lovely compliments on my hair- thanks BTW), and in Part 2 I will talk about my skin & face routine! Its super simple, and I'm definitely no beauty guru but there's definitely some products I've been using that I simply need to share with you, and some information or experiences I've been through in trying to find products I love. 

So, First up, lets chat about my hair routine! It especially has been needing some extra TLC from all of the sun bleaching and salty water. Apart from the sun, I also like to work out everyday and intense cardio is my favourite so I tend to get really sweaty, which means I need to wash my hair so often, another factor that can dry out my hair. My hair type could be described as 'fine, blonde, straight, and lately I've been struggling oiler roots (hormonal changes which ill get into in Part 2.) and it tends to knot up easily! - Yep hairdressers hate trying to detangle it after a wash! 

So to help manage this I try to steer clear of hearing elements such as hair straighteners, curlers and blow dryers. I also pick products which I feel give my hair extra hydration, without weighing it down- cause I need all the volume I can get ;)


When looking for products to use I like ones that are free from nasties, clean and dry my roots, and also detangle my ends. In March I took up a partnership with L'Oréal Hair to share with you guys their new range of Ever Pure products. These products are also vegan & the product + ingredients are not tested on animals, which was a big factor that made me want to try the products! The company is working towards a cruelty free status by investing money into research to develop alternate ways to test products, many of which are already being implemented. It's actually only the Chinese regulations that stop many companies from going completely cruelty free. So when I found out about this new product line I saw this as a really good sign that consumer demand is creating positive change and decided I'd give the products a try, and I haven't stopped using them since. The Ever Strong Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner are perfect for my hair type as they give it volume as well as making it nourished and clean, they are also free from harsh salts such as parabens and sulfates, something I look for in hair products. I also use a purple shampoo called That's It - Blonde Ambition by Alfaparf Milano (cool blondes colour) to tone the blonde in my hair (take out any brassy colours), I mix this with my Ever Strong Shampoo every 2nd-3rd wash. I don't use this every time I wash because it would dry my hair out too much and probably make it go purple ;) 


I like to do regular hair spas at home, especially during trips away in the tropical sun, using the Ever Pure Repair Remedy (usually paired with a face mask, to come in part 2), this product actually makes my hair soo silky smooth, and I can tell such a difference in it! the knots literally slide out and it feels like I've just had a fresh hair cut- probably my favourite product out there!! As for additional products, I like to spray the Ever Pure 10-in-1 elixir into my scalp and ends after showering (while its still wet), this is a leave in spray thats great for giving your hair some extra nourishment.


Styling wise, sometimes I use some 'Sea Spray' and 'No Drought' (Dry Shampoo) by Lush Cosmetics, and the 'DOO.OVER' spray by Kevin Murphy to give it some texture for shooting (these products are also vegan and cruelty free). I towel or wind dry my hair, rather then blow drying (riding on the back of bikes in Bali helps with this), and often style it in a top knot bun, left out, or braided for the gym. Like I said, my hair routine is very simple... 

Stay tuned for my next beauty blog post about my face and skin care routine! Scroll down for some extra pics I shot in Tahiti with the Ever Pure range, and drop a comment if you find this content helpful!