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How I edit for Instagram!

I wanted to share a blog post about my editing style! This is probably the question I get asked the most on Instagram [what filter do you use!?] so, I figured its easiest to share all my secrets and tips via my blog! I know when I was starting out, this was the kind of stuff I really wanted to know about and struggled to find useful information on the internet. I have also just released a pack of Lightroom PRESETS, which will help you to edit your photos like me! 

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Santorini Dreaming

Santorini in the European Summer, is something everyone simply must experience! My guide to Santorini from my recent trip. My fav Greek dishes, restaurants, things to do, fashion, and plenty of travel photo inspiration 

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Far North Queensland Wanders & Eats

Well, this week was one of many firsts for me. Ever wanted to travel to beautiful locations, take photos, and check out the local food scene, for work? 

Well the past week, I've been adventuring around North Queensland (Cairns>Townsville>Magnetic Island) with my twin sister, Lauren (@gypsea_lust), and her partner, Khy (@khyorchard) for Tourism Queensland and Tourism Townsville, to get a feel for living a gypsy life! 

Yep, I was sent along to capture some of the eats that North Queensland has to offer, as well as the beauty and nature in the region. 

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