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‘VETO’ Bircher

This 5 Minute Vegan Keto (‘VETO’) Overnight Bircher is another recipe that has been on repeat for a couple of months in our household. It is my absolute FAVOURITE healthy breakfast at the moment. Super quick, super healthy, super filling, and sooo yummy. I feel so satisfied after eating this, no bloating, no sugar rush and crash AND you can meal prep this for the whole family/household each night. I mean who’s to say you can’t meal prep it for the whole week!? 

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My Vegan-Keto Experiment | Part 1

I promised I would share a blog on my experience as well as my research on the diet. So here it is! I have decided to break this post into two posts as its getting quite lengthy and quite a lot of information to take on. In part 1 of the blog post I will discuss what the Keto Diet is, what you can eat on a keto diet, what you can eat on a vegan keto diet, as well as looking into some of the research on this diet. In the part 2 I will share a journal of my 3 week experience, along with a description of some of the foods I ate, some photos I took of my meals and a conclusion of my thoughts on the diet (more of an opinion peice).

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