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Guide to Iron - Plant Based Nutrition

A guide to iron on a plant based diet. Iron and iron deficiency is an important topic since it is the number 1 nutritional deficiency world-wide. Effecting mostly women. In this blog I cover information on iron, its role in the body, how much we need, effects of deficiency, plant based sources, how to maximise your iron absorption, and supplementing.

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I am a published author! What?!

I am soo incredibly overwhelmed and lost for words writing this blog post. I have just seen my cookbook, published and printed in my hands for the very first time! Yep, if you didn't know it, I have just published my first ever book! This is literally been my dream since I first started my blog years ago, a published author. Wow. What a surreal feeling... 

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My fav 5 eats on the Gold Coast

Stuck for Sunday brunch spots? Planning a visit to the sunny Gold Coast? Well I've lived on the Gold Coast for 4 years now, so thought I would share with you my fav 5 eats (especially for vegans/vegetarians) with a photo diary at each place. 

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