I am a published author! What?!

I am soo incredibly overwhelmed and lost for words writing this blog post. I have just seen my cookbook, published and printed in my hands for the very first time! Yep, if you didn't know it, I have just published my first ever book! This is literally been my dream since I first started my blog years ago, a published author. Wow. What a surreal feeling... 



So how did this come to be?

Around January 2016 I received a very exciting email from an Australian publishing house, Plum Books, the lifestyle imprint of Pan Macmillan, one of Australia's leading publishers. I remember reading the email to my sister, Lauren, and we were both jumping around in excitement as she knew how I'd dreamt of this. I had to calm myself down to reply and not seem overly eager (had to play to cool calm and collected card). In fact I had already researched how to get books published with Pan Macmillan because I wanted to see my e-book in print on shelves. - You had to submit a print copy of your work by e-mail, only on the first of each month. I had that date marked in my diary. The chance of it being published seemed ultimately unlikely. - But it wasn't through this approach that I actually got published, it was actually Plum Books who reached out to me first! (That was the overwhelmingly exciting part!), they had found my blog (plus didn't even know about my ebook) and seen potential in my recipes to develop into a beautiful cookbook.

After some meetings and lots of planning I was given all these deadlines and tasks and I was leaping into the journey of publishing a book, something that is quite daunting and at times I felt like I was a bit beyond my depths, given my blogging style was quite loose: I wrote very casually, measured things loosely, and published new blog posts as frequently as I had time. I had previously created my own e-book so thought I had somewhat of a clue. But the real deal of publishing a cookbook is so much more than that. It is tedious, time consuming, and also expensive (re-making recipes over and over), but also, extremely rewarding. The team at Plum Books were ultimately the A-team! Creating beautiful and exciting cookbooks is something they know a lot about (publishing authors like Sarah Wilson, Lola Berry and Pete Evans) and they were able to give me SO much help, support and guidance... oh and flexibility on timelines given my schedule.

Oh yes, my schedule.. I wrote this cookbook and had it submitted around the same time I finished my final semesters of uni, which consequently also happened to be the most busy semesters. I was writing my honours thesis and completing 20 weeks of Practical Assessment which involved working full time across 3 busy fields of dietetics (hospital, food service, and community) so my weekends and week nights were spent in the kitchen, cooking up an absolute storm of plant based food!

I mean, I look back at those months and think how the hell did I do it, but I actually do thrive under pressure, oh and lots of caffeine. I guess that's another reason I feel so emotional seeing my work come to life in book form. Knowing the amount of passion it took to not give up, and the amount of work I have put in it to be in the career position I am today. I am also sitting here kinda freaking out! Like will people see my book and instantly want to buy it? there is this fear lurking over me because I so badly just want everyone to see it and fall in love with my recipes and lifestyle and try it. I now also have the qualification of a dietitian and nutritionist (with honours) after 4 years at university, something that I hope gives my nutrition knowledge more credibility in a saturated market of self proclaimed nutritionists or health gurus ;) and also helps to show you how passionate I am about health, sharing my knowledge and helping others live a more Wholesome Life.

I also can't forget the support I had from my partner, Alex. He was an absolute lifesaver! The patience he had with me and the support he gave. Our busy schedules meant we didn't get to spend much time together, relaxing or seeing a movie.. he gave me help to taste the recipes and gave me real, raw, honest feedback. Help in the kitchen with cooking and cleaning up. Setting up photo shoots. And those hugs at the end of the day to remind me I can do it! I really can't thank him enough, and that's partly why this year together, exploring the world, has been so amazing for us.

Oh. And I can't forget you guys! Without the online support from my Wholesome Life community & Instagram followers, I wouldn't be doing any of this! I made this cookbook for you all! All of the emails and messages I get from you guys is what keeps me inspired to keep creating new content and new recipes for you guys. So thank-you and I love you all!

So here it is.. drumrollllll.... Elsa's Wholesome Life, the cookbook. A plant-based book filled with over 100 vegan recipes, nutrition information, lifestyle tips and travel images. 352 pages actually! All recipes, food photography and writing by me. A book that is exploding with colour, happiness and health, aimed to inspire you to eat more plants! I am so confident you guys are going to love this book and my recipes. and am sooo eager to hear what you think!! 


My cookbook is out in Australian bookstores and retailers on August 1st 2017, and is already available online from many book sellers. 

Here is a list of all the places you can find it:


  • Booktopia
  • Angus Robertson
  • Readings bookstore- worldwide shipping with flat rate fees!


  • Dymocks
  • QBD
  • Big W
  • Myer
  • David Jones
  • Newslink (airports)
  • Kmart
  • Target
  • + many independent book retailers. 

its also available to download as an e-book (electronic copy) from: 

  • Apple i-Books   
  • Pan MacMillan

Head to the 'STOCKISTS' section of my website for links to all of these places. 

I will also be releasing a limited number of signed copies in my website (Australia only) that come with a couple of bonus goodies! Head here to check that out. Also keep an eye on my Insta for a BIG giveaway to celebrate. 

I cannot wait to receive some feedback on what you think, and see some recreations of my recipes, and flat lays of the book! Seriously the coolest thing seeing my recipes be recreated in your homes. I will be sharing my favourites on my account, make sure you tag me, and use #ELSASWHOLESOMELIFE so I can see them all... 

Elsa, xx