I've created my own store!

For the past few months Alex and myself have been working on a new little project. I am so excited to finally share it with you all! I have dreamt about creating my own brand for soo long now, and finally decided to dive right into doing it! I wanted to share this post to give you all a bit more insight into our new brand. 

So firstly, (if you haven't already seen it on instagram) I named my new brand 'The Wholesome Store'. I wanted to continue the brand name and thought I would extend the 'wholesome' branding. The concept for our new store is a 'concept store' or collection of items that we have either designed, collaborated or just really love. Everything that you will find in our store will be ethically made, sustainable, and of the best quality. 

So, to begin with, we have designed 4 tees. Some of you may remember the capsule collection I collaborated with another brand to design over a year ago. I have revamped two of these designs, the Avocado tee and Banana tee, as after the first designs were pulled from the website (a company re-shuffle) I had many messages since for them to come back. I have also added two new designs, Eat More Plants tee and Sunchaser tee. These have been designed by me, handmade in Indonesia (our home) by an ethical factory, from 100% natural, lightweight and soft materials, in black and white. 

BUT, this is just the beginning. The Wholesome Store is a concept store, there is plenty of new collections of items to come to the space. I want it to be a place for you to go and find something you love, without the worry about what its made from and where its made. I know for myself, trying to live a wholesome plant based lifestyle also means trying to shop ethically and sustainably, and this has been the hardest part of going vegan, so I want to make this easy for everyone! 

Running two instagram pages, a blog, trying to brand into YouTube, and working with many brands may be an incredibly busy career, so to add a new brand on top may be an insane idea, but I am so sure that this is going to be rewarding and help me to strengthen my Wholesome community and keep spreading the lifestyle, making living a wholesome life easy and accessible! 

 I hope that you guys love and will support The Wholesome Store. Follow our Instagram page @thewholesomestore for updates on new products and any special promotions or giveaways. 

Love you guys! 

Elsa, xx